Because of YOU

Our mission is to design and deliver customizable e-bikes that promote an active lifestyle, provide freedom of mobility, and are fun to ride all while maintaining an environmentally friendly footprint. 
GOBIKE is planting 10 trees for every bike ordered.
We partnered with the National Forest Foundation. The National Forest Foundation is the leading organization inspiring personal and meaningful connections to our National Forests, the centerpieces of our public lands. 
"Working behalf of the American public, the National Forest Foundation leads forest conservation efforts and promotes responsible recreation. We believe these lands, and all they provide, are an American treasure and are vital to the health to communities"
because of you - GOBike 

Why do you need to plant trees? 


Every year, more and more of our National Forests are affected by natural disturbances that cause deforestation. Wildfire, insects and disease - exacerbated by climate change - are jeopardizing the very things that make our forests special. Planting trees helps restore forest cover to these lands, ensuring that our forests can continue to provide wildlife habitat, supply water to millions of Americans, and help fight climate change. Learn more about the benefits of reforestation on our website. 

Where are the trees planted? 


The National Forest Foundation (NFF) works with the USDA Forest Service to select planting sites on our 193-million-acre National Forest System where the ecological need is greatest. Many of our plantings occur in the Western U.S. where wildfires are driving reforestation need, but we plant in all regions, responding to where trees are needed most. 

How do you decide where to plant trees and what trees to plant? 


We plant trees in areas that have experienced a natural disturbance and only plant native and ecologically appropriate species picked by Forest Service professionals. Sometimes we plant only one species, sometimes multiple – every project is designed to improve ecological conditions for each specific forest.